Karl Trygve Kalleberg

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I am currently involved in a software/finance startup together with Einar Brummenęs. We are developing a a domain specific language that enables traders to write automated strategies for high-frequency foreign exchange trading.

While hanging out at the University of Bergen, I found the time to acquire a PhD in computer science, and an MD. Check out my research page for more information on my academic life.

These days, I spend most of my time in Oslo, and try to keep my travel to a minimum, for a change.

If you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop me a line.


PhD Dissertation

My PhD dissertation, Abstractions for Language-Independent Program Transformations, introduces new techniques for program transformation. Its abstract:

Maintenance of software programs is normally the most expensive part of the software life cycle. Most tools that support maintenance and improvements to programs and program structure, be they compilers, program verifiers, transformation systems, modeling or reverse-engineering tools all represent the program internally either in the form of abstract syntax trees (ASTs), or in forms derived from it.

In each of these software tools, the respective AST is almost always specific to a given programming language. While the task of a given tool, e.g., a documentation generator, may be generic across many languages, the chosen program representation binds a given tool to a particular subject language. The goal of this thesis was find more generic solutions to the AST problem. My dissertation investigates how one may construct ASTs more generically, and how one may express reusable, language-independent program analyses and transformations on top of these generic ASTs. It has been an explicit goal that transformations and analyses should be reusable for language families, across language infrastructures and, when possible, across language paradigms.