An emulator(wrapper) for some old demos
For Linux BOD has been superseded by Minde

Tribes (Pulse/Melon)
Runs party and final version
Sunflower (Pulse)
Does NOT fix annoyance in modes higher than 320x200
Devotion (Waterlogic)
Works fine
303 (Vic/Statix/ACME)
Runs both party and fix versions, does NOT fix crippled sound(anyone?)

Timing and audio code is less than perfect in all cases.

Linux and Windows binaries (80k)
Linux binaries bod-bin-4a.tgz (24k)
SDL required to run
Sources (35k)
Patch bod-src-4a.patch (10k) might help with the lack of sound on Linux
Some C compiler and SDL required to build

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