Sfli. 1995

Based on Turbo Pascal code of unknown author(source included in zip)
Optimized for size(Smallest version in the archive is 546 bytes long)

DVD. 1996-1997

Some code/ideas stolen from Tran's Pmode 3.xx
Development branch died in HDD crash

Leldr. 1996-1997

API for Exp24's plug-in architecture
Packer based on LZO data compression library

Desert. 1996

Implements Schwartz's desert fractal effect
Based on documentation(pseudo-code) from Fractals 4k intro
Bytefall'96 128 byte intro compo - fist place(out of two)

DeOS. 1997

Attempt to outdo Pharlap, implement parts of Win32 api under DOS
Some code stolen from Linux 0.1 and VisualC++ 4.2 C runtime library

D2. 1997

Disassembles 8088-PentiumPro + MMX instructions
No support for FPU,SSE(KNI)/SSE2,3DNow!
Disassembles into Intel(Masm,Ideal), AT&T and Nasm syntaxes

Salsa. 1999

Salsa screenshot
OpenGL based hierarchical animation player for Origin's game Bioforge
Few sample models and animations included(Plus Win32 executable)

Okaar/Okasankaar 1999-2001, Motazaar 2002

Okaar screenshot Motazaar screenshot
OpenGL based hierarchical animation player for Appeal's Outcast
Appeal later morphed into something else

Bc. 2000

Bc screenshot
Tier 1 implementation of GML. With some bugs in RT part
(The GML of adrenalin molecule was created by Robert Harley
And can be found here along with wonderful Camls 'R Us entry and associated material)

IceDock. 2000-

Icedock screenshot
Doesnt work nicely with GNOME

j.html. 2001

Sources are in Norway somewhere

Bringing Out the Dead. 2002

Tribes screenshot Sunflower screenshot

Minde. 2003

BOD generalization

IMT. 2005-

Wrapper to use MSFT command line tools in a "nixish" way

APC. 2006-

APC screenshot

CPU load monitor ala xload

Dormin. 2008-

Character animation player, audio extractor for Shadow of the Colossus

llpp. 2010-

PDF pager


MC aligned extensions

MC screenshot
Also changes handling of sorting slightly

SDL Seal

Well nowdays seal is very very dated.. sigh (And the patch is reversed sigh again..)


Changes here and there to suit me
To apply cd gmrun-0.7; patch -p1 <gmrun.patch



Other small patches