QEMU patches

General information
To apply (except for VGA BIOS, combined and mouse patches):
cd /path/to/cvs/qemu
zcat /path/to/patch/VER_NAME.patch.gz | patch -p0
Combined patch
Current version demo-qemu-11-02-2006.zip (224k)
Version that applies to 0.8.0 cleanly demo-qemu-20-12-2005.zip (195k)
Interpreter, VGA BIOS, Retrace, GUS/OPL3, Optic Nerve patches stuffed together.
Current version 21e_iqemu.patch.gz (141k) - 11-02-2006
Previous version 21_iqemu.patch.gz (139k)
Ancient version 20b_iqemu.patch.gz (100k)
"Enhances" QEMU with -interp command line switch (and interp monitor command), which turns QEMU into a turtle
Needs some work on endianness front
Cycle counting, segment access/limit checks, x86-only version and trace are disabled by default
Sometimes(?) can not get past Win2k's boot logo screen, progress bar never updates (gradient moves though). Works fine, if interpreter was switched off during boot logo screen and then again on.
Boots (not necessarily installs)
  • WfW
  • MSDOS 6.22
  • Linux RedHat 5.2, QEMUs test image (2.5.74), SuSE 9.1 (PE)
  • ReactOS 0.2.2
  • NetBSD 1.5, 1.6.2
  • OS/2 Warp (Merlin)
  • QNX 6.21 (NC)
  • Win95 (4.00.950 B)
  • Win98 (4.10.2222 A)
  • BeOS R5 (PE)
  • FreeBSD 4.7, 5.3-RC2 (mini-inst ISO)
  • OpenBSD 3.5 (FreeOSZoo)
Audio patch (SB16, ES1370, OPL2, AC97)
Current version 21_aqemu.patch.gz (17k) - 11-02-07
Previous version 20_aqemu.patch.gz (5.4k)
Ancient version 17i_aqemu.patch.gz (2.4k)
In Win98 guest make sure that SB16s 16bit DMA is set to 5
DOS environment string BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 T6
OPL2 emulation via AdPlugs LGPLed version of fmopl.c (Tatsuyuki Satoh)
Supply --enable-X as needed, the list is available via
configure --help
Once built you can read what drivers are named and list of fine-tuning options via
qemu -audio-help
SB16: No support for ADC, (m)uLaw, ADPCM
SB16: XMPlay sounds good but pause/resume behaves strangely
fmopl.c (OPL2) uses FPU internally - therefore Adlib emulation is disabled by default
VM saving/loading is not available for Adlib
Loading VM with active audio results in a noticeable delay before sound starts playing again (SB16 only?)
Sound will continue (looping) after VM has been stopped for some output drivers (SB16 only?)
SB16: At startup Win95 complains about MSSBLST.VXD missing or failing to load, sound works nevertheless
ES1370: Win9x - this from here worked for me (16b_aqemu required). Thanks to Stefan Becker for this post.
ES1370: No UART support
All: No game port support
All: No mixer support (no way to set volume, etc)
Sierras audblst.drv information here
YMF262(aka OPL3) and GF1(aka GUS Classic)
Current version 5b_aog_qemu.patch.gz (35k) - 11-02-2006
Previous version 5_aog_qemu.patch.gz (34k)
OPL3 emulation via MAME's ymf262.c (Jarek Burczynski)
Gravis Ultrasound GF1 emulation via GUSemu32
GUS DOS environment string ULTRASND=240,3,3,7,7
MAMEs license (mame.txt) is incompatible with QEMU licenses and thus this patch can not be included into the main tree. However, nothing precludes end user from patching the sources manually and using it
GUSemu32 license (GUSEMU32.LICENSE) is incompatible with QEMU licenses ... read above
VM saving/loading is not implemented
VGA retrace and PIT-mode-3 patch
Current version 5c_rqemu.patch.gz (4.2k) - 11-02-2006
Previous version 4_rqemu.patch.gz (2.5k)
Better VGA retrace emulation (needed for some DOS games/demos)
After applying the patch documentation can be found in Retrace.txt online copy
Standard VGA BIOS patch
Current version 2_vgabios.tgz (42k) - 11-02-2006
This one is adds many non-standard VESA modes
Only available when QEMU emulates standard VGA
Useful to run old DOS games/demos that require modes not available for Cirrus (For instance modes with 32bit depth)
Inside the archive
  • A patch for Plex86/Bochs LGPL VGABios (extvbe.patch)
  • Prebuilt binary of the bios (VGABIOS-lgpl-latest.bin)
  • File containing non-standard modes (modes)
  • Script to produce vgabios.bin out of the above two (makevgabios.sh/makevgabios.bat)
Replace standard vgabios.bin with the obtained one
Invoke QEMU like this: qemu -std-vga ...
Grab-less mouse
Current version 1_mqemu.tgz (30k) - 11-02-2006
Inside the archive and in this post
Capture hack
Current version 2_cqemu.tgz (6.9k) - 27-06-2006
Archive contains short README
this _old_ post
prince.avi (434K)
Not really a patch
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