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icedock - Dockapp support for different window managers



icedock [-c config file] [-grad_from color] [-grad_to color] [-color color] [-placement pspec] [-layout lspec] [-width pixels] [-height pixels] [-handle_width pixels] [-bevel_width pixels] [-border_width pixels] [-black_border] [-half_gradient] [-ontop] [-nokill] [-managed] [-verbose] [-wheel] [-fixed] [-fit] [-gradient gspec] [-delay milliseconds] [-tile path] [-version] [-help]



The icedock program is a panel for WindowMaker, AfterStep dock applications.

All the command line options(plus client and order) can be used in $HOME/.icedockrc. Dash should be removed and '=' added for options that require argument.

client = command
Notifies icedock to invoke this command on startup.
order = wspec
Sets the order for window with wspec (window class(as per xprop output)).



Press 3rd button
inside panel handle. Cursor will change to crosshair, select some window(point and click), if this window is dockable it will be swallowed.
Press mod1 + 3rd button
same as the above, but ANY window will be swallowed, regardless of "dockability".
Press ctrl + 3rd button
inside panel handle to automatically swallow all present dockable windows.
Press 2nd button
anywhere inside panel to quit icedock.
Press 1st button and move mouse
inside panel handle to drag panel.
Press mod1 + 1st button and move mouse
inside dockapp window to drag it around. You can drag it out of panel and on mouse release it will be returned to window manager.
Press and hold 1st button
inside panel handle for delay milliseconds(default 100) to minimize panel.



The various options are as follows:

Print a usage message and exit.
Print version information and exit.
-c config file
Set alternate config file.
-grad_from color
Set gradient starting color, either symbolic name(i.e. red) or rgb value(i.e #ff0000).
-grad_to color
Set gradient ending color.
-color color
Set solid background color.
-placement pspec
Set placement, one of: TopLeft TopCenter TopRight LeftCenter RightCenter BottomLeft BottomRight BottomCenter
-layout lspec
Set layout, either vertical or horizontal (Can be abbreviated).
-width pixels
Set minimal panel width.
-height pixels
Set minimal panel height.
-handle_width pixels
Set panel handle width(or height depending on layout).
-bevel_width pixels
Set bevel width.
-border_width pixels
Set border width.
Set black border.
Make gradient reach it's maximum at the center of panel.
Make panel stay ontop.
Do not kill clients from .icedockrc on exit.
IceDock will behave in accordance with NETWM specification.
Allow the window manager to manage panel window, following can be put into $HOME/.icewm/winoptions:

icedock.ignoreTaskBar: 1
icedock.noFocusOnAppRaise: 1
icedock.ignoreQuickSwitch: 1
icedock.ignoreWinList: 1
icedock.allWorkspaces: 1
icedock.doNotCover: 1

IceDock will look different since window manager will be responsible for drawing the border.

-tile path
Path to background tile picture (XPM format, preferably 64x64). If gradient or color was set before tile in .icedockrc or via command line it will be used to draw handle.
Set verbose flag.
Interpret width and height arguments as fixed size of all dock windows.
If -fixed is used resize windows that exceed width x height.
Use wheel to restack dock apps.
-gradient gspec
Set gradient type, either vertical or horizontal (Can be abbreviated).
-delay milliseconds
Set hide delay(i.e. time when mouse button should be pressed inside panel






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