'Good news everyone' patch

The patch itself [4a_shared.patch.gz 46k]
Ported to OCaml 3.07 by Vitaly Lugovsky, so all your credits are belong to him.[*]

What is it?

A patch, against OCaml 3.07, making it possible to: create, link against and dynamically load shared objects on i386 ELF and Win32 platforms.

What's new (in 4a) compared to 4_fix

What's new (in 4) compared to 3a_fix

Release notes can be found here


You are all set now.


Here [examples.zip 8k]


Other platforms

In theory this should work on all platforms with sufficiently smart dynamic linker and ld that can omit copy relocations: GNU ld(i386-elf, ia64-elf) with '-z nocopyreloc', SUN's linker with -b.


Send comments, suggestions, flame to malc@pulsesoft.com or moosotc@gmail.com

GNU Binutils 2.12+

Ways to get GNU Binutils 2.12+:

Vitaly's patch verbatim

here  [ocaml7beta-shared4new.patch.gz 34k]

Previous patches

Fourth (4 [4_shared.patch.gz 34k], 4_Fix [4_fix_shared.patch.gz 3k]  [*]), for OCaml 3.06
Third (3a, 3a_fix) Second First


4_fix_shared is small patch against 4_shared(ie not standalone). It fixes two problems(Coq should build now), no new features introduced. It has recieved even less testing than 4_shared, you have been warned.
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